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Consulting and Application Maintenance

Our team of experienced professionals with deep ICT knowledge work in partnership to define new approaches to existing and future challenges within your business process and workflow, offering consultation, design, planning, management services across your business architecture.
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Web Applications Development

We specialize in the development of custom software applications. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.
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Quality, performance and efficiency of our clients are our goals. We transform the needs in innovative solutions.
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Customers Stories

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We Create Solutions

Finance, Insurance & high-tech service sector

Since 2011 we are the right partners for the companies willing to improve their results. Our experts are daily caring out innovative solutions for Web & Digital Technology, Business Intelligence, Mobile Experience, Document Process Management, Big Data and Cloud Migration.


Computing speed, ease of integration and user experience that can guide you throughout the creation of a new tariff process, from defining insurances to the massive testing.

ACERATE is the calculation engine that allows you to manage fast and easy the insurance rates from configuration to the listing.

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MyEDI assists companies to manage integration issues of heterogeneous systems, consequently maximizing the level of customer service.

It's based on an open platform and is able to handle multi-format streams, multi-protocol and, through its console, you can view the works progress of every request.

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BigEYE is an innovative cloud-based monitoring service designed for power plants from renewable sources. The solution enables real-time data processing from individual devices in order to create a statistic and economic report for a complete investment control.

The use of cloud platform guarantees service performance, scalability and continuity over the years.

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We successfully consolidated the company by providing services to Banks and Insurance. Based on our experience we provide our customers the coordinates to lead them into the future of the digital solution, where performance, usability and reliability are the keys for the success.

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